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Grace Energy Services works with maintenance and/or upgrading your business’s existing lighting system.


“There’s great pride in being a woman-owned business. It requires tenacity and patience. It’s always fun to see the recognition when customers and clients realize I have knowledge in my industry most females don’t. It’s simply a matter of continual learning, building a strong network of experts to turn to when I need additional information, and having a mentor with endless patience and knowledge in the electrical industry.”

-Toni Daniels (Grace Energy Services Owner)

Customer Service

We can be contacted easily by phone or email. Should you need to leave a message, we’ll return your call as quickly as possible.

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Electric Audit

The information gleaned from client site audits allows me to create a proposal with more accurately projected energy savings based on recommendations to upgrade existing fixtures to LED technology. Our lighting efficiency audits are conducted at little-to-no charge to the customer and are based upon location and complexity of their audit. My goal is to conduct the lighting energy audit at zero cost to each customer.

Environmental Impact

Each facility will have a different environmental impact based on type and burn hours of fixtures, as well as recommended LED upgrades. Our proposals include information so clients will know their environmental impact based on their individual facility. I categorize this information as the ‘feel good’ impact their project will have on lessening their carbon footprint.

Toni and Grace Energy are complete professionals who bring friendly excellence to all their projects. They have upgraded the lighting for me in four commercial buildings as well as bringing up to code the electric in one. Their advice is invaluable, their work is exemplary, they are honest and reasonably priced.

Wendy Starr

Owner, Yes & Amen Boutique

Our targeted energy audits are conducted by an onsite facility walk-through using gathered information to identify quick potential energy-saving opportunities. Comprehensive energy audits are available upon request.

Energy Audits, Savings Calculations & Rebate Incentives


These are the most asked questions by our customers. If you have any other questions don’t hesitate to call 614-554-3219 or email:


Do you have a payment plan?

Yes, We work with a very proven company (NEIF Finance) when a payment plan is requested. This allows customers to move forward with their LED lighting projects without having to pay anything on the front end. It’s designed so customers won’t have to find additional funds in either their general operating or capital improvement budget since payments are based on projected energy savings. Customers are already paying a monthly utility payment, so this allows them the opportunity to use the same money currently being paid monthly to pay for their upgrade. Once their payment terms are met, it leaves each customer with those additional monthly energy savings going directly into their operating budget. More often than not, my clients find it provides them the ability to have a stronger bottom line than their competitors since they’ll be energy efficient AND have additional funds to use in whichever way they’d like since reduced monthly utility bills will be long-term.

Do you offer other energy efficiency services besides LED lighting upgrades?

Absolutely! We proudly partner with a network of specialists to provide most energy savings upgrades including energy efficiency monitoring and metering for maximum energy reduction. We offer PACE financing (property assessed clean energy) when applicable through a strategic partnership with Metropolitan Building Solutions (

Do you do residential?

No, we specialize in and focus on commercial and industrial customers. We excel at working our upgrade installation with minimal inconvenience to our clients, as well as their employees and/or customers.

What happens when the LED bulbs fail under warranty?

As your electrical contractor, I’ll take care of warranty issues throughout the warranty term. I’ll contact the manufacturer and make sure to get the replacement for your failed materials. Grace Energy Services is most often able to replace the warrantied materials at no additional cost for installation to our customers.

Will I be able to find replacement lamps in a few years when I need them?

Absolutely! Although the LED materials you’ll have available if warranty replacement is required will be more efficient, as R/D is continually improving LPW (lumen per watt) output of LED materials. You’ll get a replacement equal in lumen output to what you’ve had installed during your project upgrade. Vendors do not stockpile materials with the thought they’ll need to replace LED materials they’ve sold with the current/exact replacement. For instance, if you have a 4 foot 15W TLED fluorescent replacement upgrade installed and need a warranty replacement in 2 years, chances are you’ll get a 10W replacement with the same level of light output (lumen) as what was installed in the initial project.

Does the LED products you use require a ballast?

Not as a rule, with the exception that many of the exterior and interior fixtures with embedded LED diodes require a driver. My goal is to allow fixtures currently in use by a client to be retrofit, it at all possible. This means most of the LED materials I use do not require use of a ballast or external driver. I’m a big believer that lessening the carbon footprint also means reducing waste by not requiring a customer to purchase all new LED embedded fixtures. 

Efficient. Affordable. Full Service.

"I decided early to treat each client as the valued customer they are throughout the life of their warranty and beyond." - Toni Daniels

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